Wednesday , 7 June 2023
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Step away from books and pick up your laptop

For thousands of years, people who cannot afford to hire a Feng Shui Master to teach them everything about Feng Shui have turned to books and there are thousands out there filled with really valuable advice but there is an easier option than spending years reading through different books, writing notes and trying to memorise everything…

The Academy of Feng Shui Software will help you:

  • All your different wealth areas (could be up to 4)
  • Find and activate your relationship areas (could be 2-3)
  • Enhance business
  • Activate, cure and enhance career
  • Activate, cure and enhance health areas
  • Activate literature formations and academic stars for children and adults
  • Activate a peach blossom for romance
  • Your most auspicious direction to work, sleep, meditate etc
  • How to use Feng Shui in your home, office and garden
  • Create floor plans to implent in to your Flying Star chart
  • Activate special combinations like “pearl string”, “combination of ten”, “cascading wind”, “parent string”, eleven in total
  • Most auspicious colours and elements
  • Best times of day for you
  • Most auspicious dates for you personally

This software can save your years of studying and is all available in one place.


You can take a look at this software by clicking the link below:

Academy of Feng Shui Software 2013

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